Trudeau’s Hair “isn’t that great”



Amid a sea of Justin Trudeau hair lovers, I can’t see the follicles through the dandruff on this one.

It seems that when Trudeau got elected people went crazy, not for his politics or his plan to legalize marijuana in Canada, but because we had a Prime Minister with hair that could out do other world leaders’ dos.

At that time, I held my tongue for fear of being yelled at in a very non-Canadian way for my opinion but I feel that I have waiting long enough and my opinion has been eating me up inside.

Justin Trudeau’s hair isn’t that great!

I will admit. It’s not grey like previous prime ministers have been but it’s not a particularly interesting colour. My neighbour who lives a few doors down has a kid with the same colour and the woman that runs the pizza place in my neighbourhood does too.

It’s longer than some ministers of parliament but there are also some that have longer hair so I’ve ruled that out as a cause of the mania.

Mostly, I think people like it because it looks shiny and thick but that’s just product.

His hair is an illusion people!

Even the conservative party was taken in, giving a shout out to his hair in one of their attack ads during the campaign period before the election.

I just hope that good hard working Canadians aren’t taken in by Justin Trudeau’s hair and lose focus on the important parts of Canadian life like hating the Toronto Maple Leafs!

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