Prime Minister declares New Year’s Eve Postponed in Canada

Canada will by official declaration stay in 2017 an additional day due to extreme cold weather advisories rocking the country.

Photo by Kacper Szczechla

Canada’s Prime Minister made the official announcement at 9:30p.m. after learning that the penguins at the Calagary Zoo had been taken inside to keep warm, the standard indicator of extreme cold in Canada.

“With over half of our communities experiencing temperature extremes, and the Calgary penguins inside, I have decided that 2018 must be delayed by a day. To do this we will keep Canada in 2017 for an additional 24 hours,” said Prime Minister Druteau.

Temperatures in Canada began to drop in the last week of December with extreme cold warnings touching many communities, though the military has yet to be called in to Toronto.

“We aren’t sure where we will take the extra day from to catch up to the rest of the world,” said Druteau. “But since Australia started the New Year almost 24 hours ago we figure that we have some wiggle room.”

Canadians should be aware that this change of plans means that no government services will be open on what would have been Jan. 2 but is instead now Jan. 1.

“Canadians are expected to party again tomorrow evening. We can’t start the New Year on the wrong foot,” explained Druteau when asked how this would affect the country.

Further updates will follow should 2018 have to be postponed an additional day.

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