Man explains what ‘shithole’ is to President


In response to comments made Jan 11 by the American President, Saskatchewan waste disposal expert Neil Douglas, sent a letter explaining what a ‘shithole’ is.

“I heard that the President had called a some nations ‘shithole countries’,” said Douglas.

“And I thought that clearly he doesn’t know what a shithole is.”

Photo by Amy Reed

In the letter Douglas delved into the many different ways that people deal with their excrement.

“Well, there is of course the standard toilet that most of the western world uses, but there are also options such as outhouses or even the classic digging a hole and burying it method favoured by hikers” Douglas said.

When asked why he felt it was necessary to write a letter Douglas said that he felt that the president used the word as an insult and that was both unfair to the countries and unfair to toilets which we would find life much more difficult without.

“I would like to see him deal with his number two without being able to use a bathroom. Then he would learn some respect for toilets at least.” said Douglas.

Douglas also recommends that anyone wanting to know more about ways to deal with their expulsions in an environmentally friendly way do some research into composting toilets.

“I recommended it to the president since he seems like the kind of guy that would need a better way to deal with all of the waste that he produces,” said Douglas.

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